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Sri Vatsavai Krishnam Raju College of Engineering & Technology
(Approved by AICTE and Affiliated to JNTU - Kakinada)

Raja Vatsavai Subba Raju : Guaranteed to offer a fulfilling standard of academic life, the college provides, besides studies, extensive opportunities for continued personal growth in a compassionate milieu.

he college is intended for students preparing for a career to move forward on the strength of intellect and imagination. We are committed to providing students with the freedom and care to go all-out for their personal best. It has all the facilities and offers a broad range of services, catering to the needs of students; excellent and well equipped workshops where students obtain valuable practical familiarity. Business students benefit by obtaining career-related practical experience in the well equipped simulated enterprise offices.

The College in addition offers career guidance, counseling, sport and recreation, as well as academic support through its enthusiastic Student Support Services and Academic Affairs departments.

It is our endeavor to nurture the college to a preeminent academy of the nation and strive to sustain and augment its quality in teaching, research, public service and economic development. We will have the best guest and visiting lecturers and speakers from various industries and from an assortment of renowned organizations imparting intellectual lessons and classes to our students. This is our planned roadmap to put our institution within the radar of all major industries and Organizations and put in place a worldwide campus selection mechanism

Together with our staff, students, and parents we are dedicated to an exceptional educational experience that promotes academic, social, and emotional success for all our students. We shall strive to infuse the commitment to excellence.